About Us

About Evil Twin Farms:

Evil Twin Farms is a 75-acre ranch in central Jefferson County, Florida. Founded in 2004, it is the home to quality Quarter Horses and grass-fed, registered Texas Longhorn cattle. 

We do accept limited outside horses for boarding.  Please contact us for more information. 

About the Name:

To make a long story short, Sherri is known to many of her friends as the Evil Twin. This does not mean that she is a devil worshipper, sacrifices animals, or boils children in cauldrons. Her best friend (also Sherri) is a perky ex-cheerleader that loves the Wizard of Oz and occasionally fancies herself as Glinda the Good Witch. Our Sherri is somewhat less perky, does not suffer fools lightly, and is not hesitant to tell them that. So whenever someone would see the other Sherri without our Sherri, they would always ask "where's your evil twin"? The name stuck and Sherri has been the Evil Twin ever since.  When it became time to name the farm we were told to pick something unique, something that people would remember.  The obvious choice was Evil Twin Farms.